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Barbara was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in1979. She started her film and television career as an actress at the age of 6. She had the title role in "Nana", which obtained cult status and won a bronze prize in New York in 1988 for best children's television series and received many Danish awards as well. It was sold to several other European countries and has been aired in Denmark over 30 times. As a child and teenager, Barbara starred in 9 films, was a television host on the popular youth program "PULS" on TV2, produced several documentary programs and created her own TV show "Barbara's Galaxy", a variety show with sketch comedy segments and celebrity guests. She started directing at age 19 and was commissioned to direct short films for Danish television.

After living in Bali for some months, Barbara moved to Los Angeles at age 21. She started a career as a 1st AD and worked on films such as "Project Green Light/Battle of Shaker Heights", produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, "Van Wilder", starring Ryan Reynolds, "Columbo", starring Peter Falk, "Standing Still", starring Amy Adams, "Alone with Her", starring Colin Hanks, and many, more.

Barbara used her many AD contacts with actors and crew to start directing more short films, as well as commercials and web-series. She directed 10 short films, which has traveled the festival market and won several awards. She was part of the international short film contest Filmaka, where she ended up in the top three, and got lots of praise from the judges:

Wim Wenders, director "Wings of Desire" and "Paris, Texas" about "The Duality of Love": "I saw your film half a dozen times and thought it was utterly original… Truly remarkable in lighting, editing, acting... Congratulations!"

Neil Labute, director "Nurse Betty", "The Wicker Man" about "Timothy's Fable": "Barbara - you told a full and imaginative story in a very short period of time; handsome to look and terrific to watch".

In 2009 Barbara directed her first feature film in Los Angeles: "Love at First Hiccup - The First Time", a charming teen comedy she also wrote the script for. The film is an American remake of the Danish box office hit, the first in the series of 5 film. The American version is produced by Hollywood veteran producer Bob Engelman - (The Mask, Scooby-Doo, Little Nicky, Blade).

In 2011 Barbara developed, cast and directed the TV comedy series "Sjit Happens" for TV2 Zulu and the pilot aired at record high ratings and numbers. The series went on to do 5 seasons. Since then, Barbara's directed 3 different TV pilots, the feature film "Krummerne - Alt på Spil" which was a big box-office hit in Denmark, a web-series, as well as the popular family TV series "Mit 50/50 Liv" for DR Ultra.

In 2016 she directed a movie version of the bestselling book "123 Go" which got great reviews, being called: "A triumph for Danish youth film, nothing less" and "One of the best Teen Movie this Century".

Barbara's passion for film and television began at an early age since growing up on sets. Her desire to tell stories and create a universe that people can escape to, has lead her from her original path of acting to her love for writing and directing.

At the 2017 Robert Awards (The Danish Academy Awards) the film won the "Audience Choice Award" out of all 30 Danish films that premiered that year.


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