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Barbara Rothenborg :: Writer/Director

In 2012 Barbara developed, cast and directed the TV comedy series "Sjit Happens" with Fridthjof Film for TV2 Zulu and the pilot aired at record high ratings and numbers.

Before working on "Sjit Happens" Barbara directed her first feature film "Love at First Hiccup", a charming teen comedy about first times and first loves she also wrote the script for. The film is a remake of the Danish box office hit, the first in the series of 5 film. The American version is produced by Hollywood veteran producer Bob Engelman – The Mask, Scooby-Doo, Little Nicky, Blade, Mortal Combat and Food Fight. To see the promo, go to: www.hiccupthemovie.com.

Praises for Barbara's short films:

Wim Wenders, director "Wings of Desire" and "Paris, Texas" about "The Duality of Love":

"I saw your film half a dozen times and thought it was utterly original… Truly remarkable in lighting, editing, acting… Congratulations!"

Neil Labute, director "Nurse Betty","The Wicker Man" about "Timothy's Fable":

"Barbara - you told a full and imaginative story in a very short period of time; handsome to look and terrific to watch".

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